Yes, women are being targeted by each passing day and Pakistan’s Islamic Council halts legislation on Domestic Violence Bill and the Government is unable to pass? We live in a heartless, inhumane & unjust society. We have failed them as a society?

Hashtags: #JusticeForZainab #JusticeForKainat #JusticeForUzma #JusticeForMarwah #JusticeForFarishta #JusticeForAsifa #JusticeForMotorwayIncident #JusticeForAsmaAziz #JusticeForSeema #JusticeForSaima #JusticeForQuratulain #JusticeForNoor #JusticeForWomen #DomesticViolenceBill

3 Days, 3 Murders, 3 Women, 3 Hashtags & Justice?

#JusticeForNoor: Zahir Jaffer allegedly beheaded Noor Mukkadam in Islamabad.

#JusticeForSaima: Raza Ali allegedly shot dead his wife Saima in Peshawar.

#JusticeForQuratulain: Umar Khalid allegedly tortured his wife Quratulain for hours and killed her in Hyderabad.

There are countless horrific cases of violence against women that never registered. #JusticeForWomen #DomesticViolenceBill

I wish you and your family a very happy and peaceful Eid-al-Adha. May Allah accept our good deeds, forgive our transgressions and sins and ease the suffering of all peoples around the globe. Happy BakrEid!

May Allah bring you joy, happiness, peace & prosperity on this blessed occasion. Ameen. Hajj Mabroor. 🕋 #HajjMubarak

Respect everyone. Constructive criticism in a civilised manner is always welcome. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a civil servant or a politician. What matters is how you treat others. That’s it.

Everyone is criticising that there are issues in bureaucracy, they always treat others like this and that. But now, this isn’t the time to criticise them. This is the time we force Firdaus Ashiq Awan to apologise to Sonia Sadaf. You can criticise bureaucracy some other day. Right now, time demands an apology.

It was his last lecture in the class at the age of 72. Thank You, Professor, Dr. Syed Akmal Hussain, Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences at Information Technology University. Sir, You are indeed the best teacher in the world and I see it as a very big honor to have had the opportunity to be taught by someone like you. You taught us that Love and Compassion are the foundations of the survival of humanity. You are truly an inspiration for us. I sincerely thank you for everything, InshaAllah. #MSDevS19, #MSDevS20

It’s very sad that students are protesting, universities are challenging them, protestors damaging their properties, police beating & sheeling at protestors, HEC can’t decide what to do and Govt is nowhere. What a sad situation is this. The demand of students is not unfair when you can teach students online for 6 months or 12 months why can’t you take the exam for 1 week too. Some seasonal intellectuals are saying that they are looking for an easy way, want to cheat exams and all. So why can’t universities come up with a system to prevent these? They earn thousands…

The worst thing parents/managers/yourselves can do is to compare with other people. Humans are born and bred differently. Are privileged differently. Have different capacities. No two beings are the same. You can aspire to be like someone, but you shouldn’t be criticized for not being that person!

By comparing, you demoralize and create an inferiority complex that the child/employee might carry throughout life.

Instead, the conversation should be about how to better the qualities/competencies/skills to reach an optimum level.

All of us are unique, yet the skills/competencies we have to follow are constant. So don’t compare, just reflect and improve.

Thanks to Allah Almighty for everything and I’m seeking the forgiveness of Allah and for all of my sins. I promise to praise His blessings and follow life according to Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) teaching. This year:

  • I promise to love myself as much as I want others to love me.
  • I promise myself to allow the world to know me as I am, not as it thinks I should be.
  • I promise myself to allow life’s many challenges to make me better, not bitter.
  • I promise myself to complain less and appreciate life a little more.
  • I promise myself to give more of my time to those who are special in my life, and show them how much they really mean to me.

Zulqarnain Haider

Sayam Asjad — Active, Emotional, Confident, Friendly, Mature, Optimistic, Artistic, Loyal & Happy

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